chewy inspiration

my client who was having twins needed baby shower invites, but had no idea what theme she wanted — or even what gender her babies were.  all she knew was that she needed suggestions, she needed them quickly, and she knew that ID Stationery could help.

i like to think of pop culture references that my client (and their guests) can relate to, and with twins i automatically thought of the doublemint gum commercial.  you remember:  “double your pleasure, double your fun” — the commercials featured twins, both male and female.  i thought this might do the trick.

after sharing my vision with the client — she loved it!  so i went to work. i thought it would be cool to have the invite look like a pack of doublemint gum.

this is where the idea started:

the inspiration: doublemint gum

the inspiration: doublemint gum

here’s what we came up with:

double infant invite

the final invite and gum favor

i personalized the card as much as i could.  used the client’s last name (mcgee) instead of “wrigley’s”, and instead of “doublemint”, i went with “doubleinfant” (i know it didn’t rhyme exactly, but the “int/ant” sound brought it together i thought).  in place of the price, we had a countdown to the babies’ arrival (from the date of the shower).  i remembered the “Plen-T-Packs” of gum, and thought that would be a cute thing to add.  instead of putting the quantity of sticks, i put the quantity of kids.  I changed “naturally and artificially flavored” to “naturally sweet, no artificial flavors”…and i made it a “new” product.  i finished it off by putting it in an open ended kraft colored envelope — which reminded me of the little brown bags you would get from the candy store.  the card was a hit, and it worked out well as it was also gender neutral.

the client asked if we could take the idea further and actually make gum wrappers, as she wanted to give out packs of doublemint gum out at the shower.  i was excited to oblige.

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