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Love Cards from ID Exclusive

February 1, 2016


February 2016 Curator’s Note:

The theme for this month’s collection is (not surprisingly) “love”.

Of course the love theme was inspired by Valentine’s Day which suggests romantic love, but I wanted this collection to speak to more than just that.  I’ve included a “love card” that is a nod to Black History Month which also celebrated in February; a love card describing the necessity of love in general with whomever or whatever (“all I need to get by”), and a love card that speaks to the love of music, one of my first loves.

Once again, each card is infused with some old school hip hop flavor.  The hip hop/soul inspiration this month comes from Method Man and Mary (All I Need), the Notorious B.I.G. (Juicy), and Whodini. (One Love).

What I love about these cards is that they are not just “romantic love” cards — although they can be.  I kept the love theme fresh and light so that they could apply to a wide variety of love relationships, and can be appropriate for use all year long.

The cards read:
“LOVE”, inside reads “All I need to get by”
“one love, one love…” (blank inside)
“let the tape rock till the tape pops/Slow Jams (me+you) mixtape” (blank inside)

I hope you enjoy the nostalgia of these note cards and send some love this month.

Love write, people!

menu of inspiration

March 16, 2012

ID stationery was recently commissioned to create menus for a new restaurant opening in the area.  i was so excited for the opportunity!  in thinking of how i wanted to design this menu, i tried to think of memorable menus i’ve used at restaurants.  most menus are boring and non-memorable, but the one menu that did come to mind was the cheesecake factory menu.  it’s different because it’s spiral bound, and you don’t see that often.  my issue with using that form was that the cheesecake menu was literally like a book!  their offering seems never ending, and this was a small restaurant — with a pretty typical size offering.

cheesecake factory menu

cheesecake factory menu

i decided to give that menu format a go anyway!  the menu is a 4-pager (double-sided).  the client provided beautiful pictures of her own food, and we decided to use that as a backdrop.  the new restaurant boasts healthy, delicious comfort food — with an emphasis on healthy, so we featured a “healthy image on the menu cover, and appropriate dishes on each page.  we were really happy with the final product, and best of  — the client loved it too!

the final menu for Vonda's Kitchen in Newark, NJ

the final menu for Vonda's Kitchen in Newark, NJ