how to properly stuff an envelope

February 21, 2012

believe it or not there is a correct way to stuff your invites, announcements and letters.  if you’re going to invest in nice stationery, be sure to present it properly.  check out the video for a quick “how to”.

happy stuffing!


February 19, 2012

my mission was to design invites for a soon-to-be six year old girl who was having a video game themed birthday party. I was excited about the project because when presented with the idea, I drew a blank. I actually like when this happens because that means not only will I be doing something new, but it’ll also be a challenge — and I (generally) love new challenges.

reasons I drew a blank:  I typically think of video games being for boys (fighting, racing, etc)…but furthermore, I know very little about video games in general. The only cute girly video game I could think of was Ms. Pacman…but that’s such a “vintage” game, and I wasn’t even sure if it would even resonate with a six year old.  i also assumed they would think ms. pacman graphics were primitive and boring.

so I did some research as I always do to spark some inspiration, and ultimately, I just didn’t come up with anything I liked more than the ms. pacman idea, so I decided it was best to go with what I liked.  As the saying goes: “always go with your first self”.   I presented the client with a few other game related invite proofs and three different Ms. Pacman themed invites.  I really started falling in love with the idea of a Ms. Pacman invite. I was so glad that the loved one of my favorite proofs…the retro ms. pacman!

I used a simple ms. pacman image complete with ghosts and a few cookies (pellets?)…kept it in line with the clients desired color scheme. I used fonts that complimented the retro video game look and feel…and I loved the way it turned out.

in addition to using a simple image of ms. pacman and a few ghosts, i also used a “pac man” font for the highlight phrases, and a font that reminded me of the primitive graphics of ms. pacman’s day — but also was modern enough for today — one with a square, almost digital feel.  i kept it colorful and feminine — i used game “verbiage” for the thank you cards (“thanks for playing”), and the favors were mini gumball machines, so we used wordplay with the word “ball” on the favor tags.

they turned out to be a fun, funky, feminine retro invite — that kept with the video game theme.

the final ms. pacman invite
the final product

chewy inspiration

February 11, 2012

my client who was having twins needed baby shower invites, but had no idea what theme she wanted — or even what gender her babies were.  all she knew was that she needed suggestions, she needed them quickly, and she knew that ID Stationery could help.

i like to think of pop culture references that my client (and their guests) can relate to, and with twins i automatically thought of the doublemint gum commercial.  you remember:  “double your pleasure, double your fun” — the commercials featured twins, both male and female.  i thought this might do the trick.

after sharing my vision with the client — she loved it!  so i went to work. i thought it would be cool to have the invite look like a pack of doublemint gum.

this is where the idea started:

the inspiration: doublemint gum

the inspiration: doublemint gum

here’s what we came up with:

double infant invite

the final invite and gum favor

i personalized the card as much as i could.  used the client’s last name (mcgee) instead of “wrigley’s”, and instead of “doublemint”, i went with “doubleinfant” (i know it didn’t rhyme exactly, but the “int/ant” sound brought it together i thought).  in place of the price, we had a countdown to the babies’ arrival (from the date of the shower).  i remembered the “Plen-T-Packs” of gum, and thought that would be a cute thing to add.  instead of putting the quantity of sticks, i put the quantity of kids.  I changed “naturally and artificially flavored” to “naturally sweet, no artificial flavors”…and i made it a “new” product.  i finished it off by putting it in an open ended kraft colored envelope — which reminded me of the little brown bags you would get from the candy store.  the card was a hit, and it worked out well as it was also gender neutral.

the client asked if we could take the idea further and actually make gum wrappers, as she wanted to give out packs of doublemint gum out at the shower.  i was excited to oblige.

baby stationery suite aka sweet baby stationery

February 26, 2010

i had a baby girl a few months ago, and i wanted to share the stationery i designed surrounding her birth celebrations.  she was my first little girl (i have two boys) and i wanted to design something sweet, modern and feminine for her stationery suite.  i didn’t want to go the traditional pastel pink route either.  i used a strong, yet feminine bright pink, with indigo colored trim.  i used the ladybug motif, italicizing the “lady” for a girl, and went with the modern square shape for the invite and announcement.

below is what i came up with.

the shower invite:

the registry insert:

the outside of the folded favor tag:

the inside of the favor tag:

the thank you card:

and finally, the birth announcement:

“business” cards for kids

February 25, 2010

so as a stationery designer my kids are exposed to quite a few types of paper products.  my four year old has shown some interest in business cards.  he particularly likes my husband’s and my cards.  he enjoys reading our names, his last name, and the phone numbers – especially since he knows my cell phone number by heart and is able to recognize it.

also, lately he’s been asking if such-and-such from his class can come over to play.  i always say “sure, so long as it’s fine with his/her mom”,  or i’d tell him to tell his friend’s mommy or daddy to call me and we can talk about it.  since i don’t know the parents of these kids, the play dates with some of his classmates rarely happen.

so i thought it would be fun for him to have his own “business” card.  when i ran the idea past him, his face lit up.  not only would he be able to recognize his own name on the card, and can practice reading the other words on the card, but he’d also  be able to hand out cards to his classmates and have their parents contact me directly for playdates, etc.

i let him design the card.  he picked the orientation, the color, etc.  i asked him what type of business he wanted to do and after thinking about it for about 2 seconds, he said he likes to play.  of course! i did baby signing with my kids before they were talkers and they still remember a lot of the signs.  on my 4 year old’s card, we decided that we’d put the American Sign Language sign for “play” on the card (it looks a lot like the “hang loose” sign).  it would serve as the “logo” for his “business”.  what fun!

here’s the “business” card i designed for him (front and back).  he absolutely LOVES it, and is ready to take care of “business”.  it makes him feel super grown-up, and is actually a functional business card.

now the challenge is getting him to understand that he can give them away to people — he wants to keep them all to himself and call his friends to give them the info on the card!

TAG! you’re it!

September 6, 2009

i love that tags – a very simple thing, really – can add great substance to a gift or whatever item is being tagged. 

tags are often overlooked, and usually forgotten when thinking of stationery options, but are really super convenient and very affordable.  i’ve used them on party favors, merchandise, gifts, baked goods, dry goods, etc…they simply serve as great, well presented indicators and really add to the presentation and packaging of an item — without breaking the bank.

uses for tags are so varied.  they can be used to share information about an item, to indicate ownership, to indentify a gift giver,  to describe a product or recipe, or even to send a quick greeting.  they’re great to throw on token gifts like a bottle of wine that you bring to a dinner party, a batch of cookies you bake for a friend, or even to hang on a gift bag.  really, the possibilties are endless.

when you customize a tag for your own use, they become a classy, must-have accessory!  it’s really a wonderful thing to have a set of customized tags in  your home for everyday use. 

let ID Stationery design a set for you today!

we are family

August 31, 2009

one thing i love to do with stationery is create what i call a “stationery family”. 

you see it in corporations/businesses all the time — they create a Corporate ID.  they’ll have corresponding stationery (complete with their brand and logo) on all materials, implemented in a complementary way.  so, for example, if the company has a bold, modern style business card, that style will be repeated on their letter heads, business envelopes, etc.

i like to bring that sense of branding and uniformity to stationery.  it’s a very classy way of branding your event.  i’m not just talking about having an invitation with matching envelopes — i’m talking about having an invitation (of course with matching personalized envelope), but also with matching registry card inserts, direction cards, thank you cards, and even favor tags. 

here’s a baby shower “stationery family” i created a while ago.  the “stationery family” included the shower invite (with corresponding preprinted return address envelope), the gift registry card, the direction insert, the favor tag, the thank you card — and even the actual birth announcement!

everyone (the host and recipients) loved how everything was tied in together…and so did i!

here’s one example of a stationery family:




I would be glad to help you create a “stationery family” for your next event — just email me at!


you’ve been carded

August 29, 2009

so of course, everyone is aware of the importance of the business card.  you want your contact information — and information about your company and/or your job presented to the recipient, in a compact, easy to manage bundle. this will help them remember you, what you do, and have your contact information handy.

so the new trend is that “business cards” are not just for traditional business anymore!  how many times have you wanted to give your info to someone — anyone  (not just a business associate) — and were fumbling for a piece of paper and a pen? 

as a stay-at-home mom, always looking for a playdate or trying to remember a mom’s name (b/c of course the kids’ names are easy to remember), these “mommy cards” or “playdate cards” are a thing of genius.   personal cards are also great if you’re a natural networker.  these cards are for you if you find that you’re always giving your name and number out to new associates at cocktail parties, a club, the supermarket (or anywhere).  

because they’re not very typical (outside of the business world, of course), you’ll really be making a great impression when you whip out your unique personal contact card.  the other great thing about these little gems is that the sky is the limit in terms of design.  you’re not limited as to how much or how little you put on the card…you’re not bound by rules of some corporate overseer necessarily, your cards can be the traditional 2.5″ x 3″ — or square, or whatever!,  there are no rules as to what you can put on or do wiht the card.  really, the sky is the limit!

really consider one of these, i’d be happy to help you figure out the perfect personal (or business) “ID Card” for you.

get to networking and hopefully you’ll get carded — and will be “carding”!

here’s the one i’m using now for “mommy” purposes:


how we work

August 29, 2009

in the time of email, text messaging, facebooking, tweeting (…and I could go on), the paper product – be it an invitation, a notecard, a business card, etc. – has never been so precious and appreciated.

when you commission ID Stationery to create your stationery, we enter into a partnership with your imagination. we do our best to bring your vision and style to life on paper.

the process starts with a consultation with our stationery designer. the consultation will give you the opportunity to share your vision, style and desired look & feel with our designer.

based on her understanding of your needs, she will then present you with several unique samples to choose from. if necessary, changes will be made to the samples of your choice based on your feedback and input.

only when you are completely satisfied with the design of your stationery and give your final approval, does your project go to press.

about our name

August 29, 2009

ID (pronounced [ahy-dee])

-noun 1. Initials of our stationery designer and stationer, Ingrid Daniels, who specializes in customized stationery; 2. Acronym for Intelligent Design; 3. Abbreviation for Identification; 4. A form of identification (esp. an ID [Stationery] card); 5. (pronounced [id]) The part of the psyche that seeks satisfaction in accordance with the pleasure principle

-verb 1. To identify; 2. To issue an ID [Stationery] card to (You will have to be ID’d in order to enter the event.)