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Love Cards from ID Exclusive

February 1, 2016


February 2016 Curator’s Note:

The theme for this month’s collection is (not surprisingly) “love”.

Of course the love theme was inspired by Valentine’s Day which suggests romantic love, but I wanted this collection to speak to more than just that.  I’ve included a “love card” that is a nod to Black History Month which also celebrated in February; a love card describing the necessity of love in general with whomever or whatever (“all I need to get by”), and a love card that speaks to the love of music, one of my first loves.

Once again, each card is infused with some old school hip hop flavor.  The hip hop/soul inspiration this month comes from Method Man and Mary (All I Need), the Notorious B.I.G. (Juicy), and Whodini. (One Love).

What I love about these cards is that they are not just “romantic love” cards — although they can be.  I kept the love theme fresh and light so that they could apply to a wide variety of love relationships, and can be appropriate for use all year long.

The cards read:
“LOVE”, inside reads “All I need to get by”
“one love, one love…” (blank inside)
“let the tape rock till the tape pops/Slow Jams (me+you) mixtape” (blank inside)

I hope you enjoy the nostalgia of these note cards and send some love this month.

Love write, people!

Introducing “ID Exclusive”

December 7, 2015

Allow us to introduce “ID Exclusive” by ID Stationery.



For years, ID Stationery specialized primarily in custom stationery designs for your business or individual needs.  We will continue to create custom stationery but we are now including stock cards (non-customized) to our repertoire, and we’re calling the new offering ID EXCLUSIVE!

ID Exclusive, a collection of novelty hip hop and soul inspired stock cards designed and curated monthly by ID Stationery, is set to officially launch in January 2016, but we’ve got a holiday sneak peek available for purchase now!

The ID Exclusive December collection includes the following:

1) “You’re jingling, baby” card (interior reads: “Go ‘head, baby…Have a Happy Holiday!”)

2) “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” card (interior reads: “Wishing you a soulful holiday season”)

3) “Rock the Bells” card (interior is blank)

4) Corresponding envelopes and a stylish USPS forever stamp for each card

This month’s collection is sold as single cards, a 3-pack, or a 12-pack.

Visit our Etsy store or call the office (973.482.4246) and place your order today!

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A WOW MOM Panel discussion about the decision to be a work-from-home momapreneur

January 3, 2013

Check out Ingrid Daniels, the Designer behind ID Stationery, featured in this panel on work-from-home “momapreneurs”:

how we work

August 29, 2009

in the time of email, text messaging, facebooking, tweeting (…and I could go on), the paper product – be it an invitation, a notecard, a business card, etc. – has never been so precious and appreciated.

when you commission ID Stationery to create your stationery, we enter into a partnership with your imagination. we do our best to bring your vision and style to life on paper.

the process starts with a consultation with our stationery designer. the consultation will give you the opportunity to share your vision, style and desired look & feel with our designer.

based on her understanding of your needs, she will then present you with several unique samples to choose from. if necessary, changes will be made to the samples of your choice based on your feedback and input.

only when you are completely satisfied with the design of your stationery and give your final approval, does your project go to press.

about our name

August 29, 2009

ID (pronounced [ahy-dee])

-noun 1. Initials of our stationery designer and stationer, Ingrid Daniels, who specializes in customized stationery; 2. Acronym for Intelligent Design; 3. Abbreviation for Identification; 4. A form of identification (esp. an ID [Stationery] card); 5. (pronounced [id]) The part of the psyche that seeks satisfaction in accordance with the pleasure principle

-verb 1. To identify; 2. To issue an ID [Stationery] card to (You will have to be ID’d in order to enter the event.)