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Love Cards from ID Exclusive

February 1, 2016


February 2016 Curator’s Note:

The theme for this month’s collection is (not surprisingly) “love”.

Of course the love theme was inspired by Valentine’s Day which suggests romantic love, but I wanted this collection to speak to more than just that.  I’ve included a “love card” that is a nod to Black History Month which also celebrated in February; a love card describing the necessity of love in general with whomever or whatever (“all I need to get by”), and a love card that speaks to the love of music, one of my first loves.

Once again, each card is infused with some old school hip hop flavor.  The hip hop/soul inspiration this month comes from Method Man and Mary (All I Need), the Notorious B.I.G. (Juicy), and Whodini. (One Love).

What I love about these cards is that they are not just “romantic love” cards — although they can be.  I kept the love theme fresh and light so that they could apply to a wide variety of love relationships, and can be appropriate for use all year long.

The cards read:
“LOVE”, inside reads “All I need to get by”
“one love, one love…” (blank inside)
“let the tape rock till the tape pops/Slow Jams (me+you) mixtape” (blank inside)

I hope you enjoy the nostalgia of these note cards and send some love this month.

Love write, people!

Hip Hop Quotables from ID Exclusive

January 2, 2016

IMG_5205January 2016

Curator’s Note:

Happy New Year!  The theme for this month’s novelty collection is “Inspiration”.

I’ve long been inspired by motivational quotes and I collect quite a few of them.  One quote that really inspired me to launch ID Exclusive reads “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before”.  I love helping my clients bring their visions to life on paper, but I haven’t really been doing the same for myself.  Launching ID Exclusives allows me to share some of what I really like.

I’ve incorporated some of my “likes” in this month’s collection: quotes, music, quality stationery, simple and clean design.  Not only am I achieving a personal goal this month with this launch, but I’m also sharing my individuality by putting new and unique novelty stationery in the world.  I hope this inspires you as well.

January is the first month of a new year and I’m tapping in to people’s feelings of renewal and reinvention.  It’s time for a fresh start, and I want to help communicate happiness, confidence and capability.

I wanted the font I used to be a little serious, but the quotation to be unexpected, inspiring, fresh, and fun.  The quotes are inspirational and recognizable old school hip hop verses from Nas, L.L. Cool J, and Rob Base.

These flat note cards are rich in quality.  The letter pressed cards feature over sized quotation marks on a bright white double-thick card stock, with print in a bright gold that matches the envelope.  The bold, yet understated impression works perfectly with the gold shimmer envelope and speaks to the festive new year, new individual goals, and fresh flavors.

The quotes read:
“I’m on a mission…you better just listen.”
“Whose world is this?  …the world is yours.”
“I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm…and I’m just gettin’ warm.”

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Visit our Etsy store or call the office (973.482.4246) and place your order today!

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you’ve been carded

August 29, 2009

so of course, everyone is aware of the importance of the business card.  you want your contact information — and information about your company and/or your job presented to the recipient, in a compact, easy to manage bundle. this will help them remember you, what you do, and have your contact information handy.

so the new trend is that “business cards” are not just for traditional business anymore!  how many times have you wanted to give your info to someone — anyone  (not just a business associate) — and were fumbling for a piece of paper and a pen? 

as a stay-at-home mom, always looking for a playdate or trying to remember a mom’s name (b/c of course the kids’ names are easy to remember), these “mommy cards” or “playdate cards” are a thing of genius.   personal cards are also great if you’re a natural networker.  these cards are for you if you find that you’re always giving your name and number out to new associates at cocktail parties, a club, the supermarket (or anywhere).  

because they’re not very typical (outside of the business world, of course), you’ll really be making a great impression when you whip out your unique personal contact card.  the other great thing about these little gems is that the sky is the limit in terms of design.  you’re not limited as to how much or how little you put on the card…you’re not bound by rules of some corporate overseer necessarily, your cards can be the traditional 2.5″ x 3″ — or square, or whatever!,  there are no rules as to what you can put on or do wiht the card.  really, the sky is the limit!

really consider one of these, i’d be happy to help you figure out the perfect personal (or business) “ID Card” for you.

get to networking and hopefully you’ll get carded — and will be “carding”!

here’s the one i’m using now for “mommy” purposes: