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3 Is The Magic Number!

January 10, 2013

My daughter turned 3 this past November and I had so much fun designing her birthday party invitations.  The idea for her invites came to me the summer before her birthday as I was in the office designing another project and listening to De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising album.  It occurred to me that although it was an adult album, it had a lot of qualities — and song titles that could be appealing and appropriate for a 3 year old — and the cover art was fun and young too!  I decided to make her party invite in the form of CD complete with album cover art.

The original album art looked like this:

3FeetHighandRising delafrontback

The final invite looked like this:


I created a CD sleeve that had images of the birthday girl at different stages in her life (at 1 years old, at 2 years old, and a recent – almost 3 year old picture).  The back of the CD sleeve had a few of the song titles from the original album that worked for a 3 year old (“3 is the Magic Number”, “Say No Go”, etc.), and I tweaked a few of the titles to go specifically with Indigo, the birthday girl.  The actual CD was made of a die cut silver shimmer card stock and contained the actual party information.  The invite was visually appealing to the kids who received it and quite nostalgic to their parents, who may have enjoyed the classic De La Soul CD in their teen years.

I also created corresponding Thank You cards and favor tags.   The art on the Thank You card resembled the art on the cassette for the same album.

cassetteartThe thank you cards looked like this (and again the wording was tweaked a little):


As predicted, the parents loved the invites and the kids loved seeing their friend’s face in print…and the birthday girl, was indeed, 3 Feet High and Rising.

Look to the ball…

April 5, 2012

So my soon-to-be 4 year old son has recently decided that he “loves” football.  So of course when I asked him what kind of birthday party he’d like to have, he naturally wanted a “football” party.  Of course he does!  What does this mean for a 4 year old you ask?  They don’t play football, don’t know the rules, and don’t just ram into people (not usually anyway).  I’ve concluded (quite correctly, i might add) that he really likes the shape of the football, and enjoys rolling around on the floor with his brother (his version of a “tackle”).

So in designing his card my first idea was to create an invitation with an image of a football field  – complete with a goal post, and the ball flying in the air — and maybe have the invite copy printed over the “field”…it would have been really nice too.  but then i thought about what he really likes about football — and it’s really all about the ball!  i figured kids would love to receive an invite actually shaped like a football.  it’s a simple enough idea, but i think it pops more than a traditional rectangular invitation.  so with my kids as the product testers, i determined that i was right!  each of them (2, almost 4, and 6) loved the football card right away — they each wanted one of their own.

so that’s what i did for his party invite:  i made die-cut football cards.  and the kids — my birthday boy especially — loved them!  i bet the invitees will too!

the final product looked like this:

a football shaped die-cut card with the invite copy printed on the “pig skin” — i raised the ball detail high so that the writing would fit — and you’d still be able to see the football detail.   i used a fun “kid” font, and used some kid friendly “football-esque” lingo.  i complimented the return card with the same football image in the return address area and used the same fun kid font.

now i need to think of other creative ways to make the actual party “football-y”…

Village People Inspiration

March 29, 2012

ID Stationery was commissioned to create birthday invites for a soon-to-be three year old girl.  Her mom was having her party at a place called “Kidz Village” (, which is a children’s play facility with an indoor playground and other “imagination rooms” themed after typical city venues (movie theater, diner, hair salon, supermarket, comic book store, dance school to name a few).  in each “imagination room” the children can dress up and play appropriate roles of the “workers” in each room.  it immediately reminded me of the Village People (you remember the song Y-M-C-A?).

The client wanted to definitely have pink on the invite, and i really wanted the invite to convey something about the party venue.  after discussing my ideas with the client, here’s what we came up with:

Kidz Village Invite

Kidz Village Invite

we decided to go with a long invite for a different feel (and it also perfectly fit the images i wanted to incorporate), and the fuschia border to incorporate the pink the client wanted.  again drawing from the Village People idea, i used images of a diverse group of young children dressed as different townspeople to not only appeal to the recipients of the invite, but to also reflect how the kids will have an opportunity to play dress up at “Kidz Village” too.  I added a catchy rhyme tying in the birthday girl’s age and letting the invitees know that they could be “whatever they want to be” at Kidz Village.  i used rounded edges to soften the look of the card, and used an open ended envelope, also in fuchsia to make it more “fun”.

both the client and i was were very pleased with the final product!  she even ordered matching thank you cards!


February 19, 2012

my mission was to design invites for a soon-to-be six year old girl who was having a video game themed birthday party. I was excited about the project because when presented with the idea, I drew a blank. I actually like when this happens because that means not only will I be doing something new, but it’ll also be a challenge — and I (generally) love new challenges.

reasons I drew a blank:  I typically think of video games being for boys (fighting, racing, etc)…but furthermore, I know very little about video games in general. The only cute girly video game I could think of was Ms. Pacman…but that’s such a “vintage” game, and I wasn’t even sure if it would even resonate with a six year old.  i also assumed they would think ms. pacman graphics were primitive and boring.

so I did some research as I always do to spark some inspiration, and ultimately, I just didn’t come up with anything I liked more than the ms. pacman idea, so I decided it was best to go with what I liked.  As the saying goes: “always go with your first self”.   I presented the client with a few other game related invite proofs and three different Ms. Pacman themed invites.  I really started falling in love with the idea of a Ms. Pacman invite. I was so glad that the loved one of my favorite proofs…the retro ms. pacman!

I used a simple ms. pacman image complete with ghosts and a few cookies (pellets?)…kept it in line with the clients desired color scheme. I used fonts that complimented the retro video game look and feel…and I loved the way it turned out.

in addition to using a simple image of ms. pacman and a few ghosts, i also used a “pac man” font for the highlight phrases, and a font that reminded me of the primitive graphics of ms. pacman’s day — but also was modern enough for today — one with a square, almost digital feel.  i kept it colorful and feminine — i used game “verbiage” for the thank you cards (“thanks for playing”), and the favors were mini gumball machines, so we used wordplay with the word “ball” on the favor tags.

they turned out to be a fun, funky, feminine retro invite — that kept with the video game theme.

the final ms. pacman invite
the final product