Look to the ball…

So my soon-to-be 4 year old son has recently decided that he “loves” football.  So of course when I asked him what kind of birthday party he’d like to have, he naturally wanted a “football” party.  Of course he does!  What does this mean for a 4 year old you ask?  They don’t play football, don’t know the rules, and don’t just ram into people (not usually anyway).  I’ve concluded (quite correctly, i might add) that he really likes the shape of the football, and enjoys rolling around on the floor with his brother (his version of a “tackle”).

So in designing his card my first idea was to create an invitation with an image of a football field  – complete with a goal post, and the ball flying in the air — and maybe have the invite copy printed over the “field”…it would have been really nice too.  but then i thought about what he really likes about football — and it’s really all about the ball!  i figured kids would love to receive an invite actually shaped like a football.  it’s a simple enough idea, but i think it pops more than a traditional rectangular invitation.  so with my kids as the product testers, i determined that i was right!  each of them (2, almost 4, and 6) loved the football card right away — they each wanted one of their own.

so that’s what i did for his party invite:  i made die-cut football cards.  and the kids — my birthday boy especially — loved them!  i bet the invitees will too!

the final product looked like this:

a football shaped die-cut card with the invite copy printed on the “pig skin” — i raised the ball detail high so that the writing would fit — and you’d still be able to see the football detail.   i used a fun “kid” font, and used some kid friendly “football-esque” lingo.  i complimented the return card with the same football image in the return address area and used the same fun kid font.

now i need to think of other creative ways to make the actual party “football-y”…

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