menu of inspiration

ID stationery was recently commissioned to create menus for a new restaurant opening in the area.  i was so excited for the opportunity!  in thinking of how i wanted to design this menu, i tried to think of memorable menus i’ve used at restaurants.  most menus are boring and non-memorable, but the one menu that did come to mind was the cheesecake factory menu.  it’s different because it’s spiral bound, and you don’t see that often.  my issue with using that form was that the cheesecake menu was literally like a book!  their offering seems never ending, and this was a small restaurant — with a pretty typical size offering.

cheesecake factory menu

cheesecake factory menu

i decided to give that menu format a go anyway!  the menu is a 4-pager (double-sided).  the client provided beautiful pictures of her own food, and we decided to use that as a backdrop.  the new restaurant boasts healthy, delicious comfort food — with an emphasis on healthy, so we featured a “healthy image on the menu cover, and appropriate dishes on each page.  we were really happy with the final product, and best of  — the client loved it too!

the final menu for Vonda's Kitchen in Newark, NJ

the final menu for Vonda's Kitchen in Newark, NJ

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2 Responses to “menu of inspiration”

  1. Nicole Friday Says:

    very cute post. congrats!!!

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