Inspiration for a Carry-On Bag

we were recently asked to create favor tags for the launch party of “Love In A Carry-On Bag” a new african-american fiction novel by Sadeqa Johnson due out in March 2012 (currently in stores!).  the party planner had gotten some cute mini carry-on suitcases (with wheels!) to serve as containers for “love candies” (heart candies/kisses/etc) to distribute to guests as favors.  she was looking for “luggage tag” style favor tags to don the “carry-on luggage”. she wanted the tag to resemble a luggage tag, to complement the colors on the book cover, and also tie into the storyline of the novel.

at the time of the request the book had not yet been released — and i didn’t really know the storyline.  well after asking a few poignant questions (and the party planner not giving away too much of the story), i decided to go to work.  the book cover was my starting point and it looked like this:

available where books are sold on march 6th

available where books are sold on march 6th

after studying the cover, i decided that i wanted to be sure to incorporate some hot pink, purple and grey on the favor tag.  i learned that the story was about a couple in a long-distance relationship one traveled by car, the other by train to be together.  i thought it would be nice to incorporate the method of travel on the tag as well, and i also felt that because it was a favor tag, we should probably also include some sort of message/text as well — a type of well wish, or some form of gratitude (favors are “thanks-yous” after all).  i wanted to do all this on this small tag — while keeping the the overall look and feel of the tag clean, uncluttered, elegant…and in line with what i understood the “style” of this project to be.

here’s what i came up with:

here are the tags i came up with

here are the tags i came up with

i tried to imitate the name and look of the book title a bit, with the exception of the quotes around “love”.  i kept that main font color hot pink, like the book title.  i added a simple, slightly curved (read: elegant) train track to represent train travel, and i incorporated the purple in the track.  the message, i put in grey and in a slightly smaller font, alluding to both the gift (“love” in a carry-on bag) and the event (book launch/reading).  i added metal eyelets around the holes (in a mix of pink, purple and brushed nickel) to give the tag a just a bit more substance.  then i framed the tag in hot pink to bring it all together.

the client loved it (and so did i).

the final product looked like this:

the final product

the final product

i had the pleasure of attending the launch party and i must say the favors looked super cute at the dessert bar among all the other beautifully displayed sweets (this picture doesn’t begin to do it justice).  i also picked up a copy of the book…such a great read. GO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!  if you can’t make it to a bookstore, get it online ( stat!

happy reading!!

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