“business” cards for kids

so as a stationery designer my kids are exposed to quite a few types of paper products.  my four year old has shown some interest in business cards.  he particularly likes my husband’s and my cards.  he enjoys reading our names, his last name, and the phone numbers – especially since he knows my cell phone number by heart and is able to recognize it.

also, lately he’s been asking if such-and-such from his class can come over to play.  i always say “sure, so long as it’s fine with his/her mom”,  or i’d tell him to tell his friend’s mommy or daddy to call me and we can talk about it.  since i don’t know the parents of these kids, the play dates with some of his classmates rarely happen.

so i thought it would be fun for him to have his own “business” card.  when i ran the idea past him, his face lit up.  not only would he be able to recognize his own name on the card, and can practice reading the other words on the card, but he’d also  be able to hand out cards to his classmates and have their parents contact me directly for playdates, etc.

i let him design the card.  he picked the orientation, the color, etc.  i asked him what type of business he wanted to do and after thinking about it for about 2 seconds, he said he likes to play.  of course! i did baby signing with my kids before they were talkers and they still remember a lot of the signs.  on my 4 year old’s card, we decided that we’d put the American Sign Language sign for “play” on the card (it looks a lot like the “hang loose” sign).  it would serve as the “logo” for his “business”.  what fun!

here’s the “business” card i designed for him (front and back).  he absolutely LOVES it, and is ready to take care of “business”.  it makes him feel super grown-up, and is actually a functional business card.

now the challenge is getting him to understand that he can give them away to people — he wants to keep them all to himself and call his friends to give them the info on the card!


One Response to ““business” cards for kids”

  1. Kelly Jo Says:

    This is a great idea! I love it!

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