TAG! you’re it!

i love that tags – a very simple thing, really – can add great substance to a gift or whatever item is being tagged. 

tags are often overlooked, and usually forgotten when thinking of stationery options, but are really super convenient and very affordable.  i’ve used them on party favors, merchandise, gifts, baked goods, dry goods, etc…they simply serve as great, well presented indicators and really add to the presentation and packaging of an item — without breaking the bank.

uses for tags are so varied.  they can be used to share information about an item, to indicate ownership, to indentify a gift giver,  to describe a product or recipe, or even to send a quick greeting.  they’re great to throw on token gifts like a bottle of wine that you bring to a dinner party, a batch of cookies you bake for a friend, or even to hang on a gift bag.  really, the possibilties are endless.

when you customize a tag for your own use, they become a classy, must-have accessory!  it’s really a wonderful thing to have a set of customized tags in  your home for everyday use. 

let ID Stationery design a set for you today!

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