we are family

one thing i love to do with stationery is create what i call a “stationery family”. 

you see it in corporations/businesses all the time — they create a Corporate ID.  they’ll have corresponding stationery (complete with their brand and logo) on all materials, implemented in a complementary way.  so, for example, if the company has a bold, modern style business card, that style will be repeated on their letter heads, business envelopes, etc.

i like to bring that sense of branding and uniformity to stationery.  it’s a very classy way of branding your event.  i’m not just talking about having an invitation with matching envelopes — i’m talking about having an invitation (of course with matching personalized envelope), but also with matching registry card inserts, direction cards, thank you cards, and even favor tags. 

here’s a baby shower “stationery family” i created a while ago.  the “stationery family” included the shower invite (with corresponding preprinted return address envelope), the gift registry card, the direction insert, the favor tag, the thank you card — and even the actual birth announcement!

everyone (the host and recipients) loved how everything was tied in together…and so did i!

here’s one example of a stationery family:




I would be glad to help you create a “stationery family” for your next event — just email me at ingrid@idstationery.com!


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